Sunday, July 3, 2011

it's not about me.

here i was walking to the nearest tims as my group was out experiencing a different culture during our 'ethnic plunge' activity. i had been looking forward to this block of time to myself all day - better yet, all week - in fact, i needed it desperately.

so here i was, a few steps away from tims. i could smell the coffee. i could feel the caffeine rushing through my veins. i grab the door handle and ... "excuse me, ma'am, can you spare some change so i can get a drink?" i look down and notice a man in his mid 30's sitting on the ground.

"hi, sir", i said. "i don't have any change for you, but i can gladly get you a drink". he smiled., and i went in and bought him a hot chocolate.

alas, a moment to myself. ice cap in one hand, a book in the other.

"hi ma'am. you look like a nice lady. do you mind if i sit down with you?" i didn't even have to look up. i knew exactly who it was.

"of course i mind. i need time to myself do you have any idea how busy i am?", i thought. [thankfully, i have a filter].

"of course not", i said. and with that, he sat down.

for the next hour and a half, john and i got to hang out and talk about life and laugh. i felt like we knew each other forever, and i certainly walked away feeling blessed and more rejuvenated than i would have been had 'he left me alone' with my book.

i saw john again the following week as i was waiting for the subway. our eyes locked. he smiled and waved, and i walked away reminded of something i need to be reminded of each day as i serve God here at CSM Toronto:

it's not about me. [and it's not about you, either].

"each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others" [philippians 2:5]