Monday, March 18, 2013

it's been a while, i know. i've been busy moving, training at my new[er] job, dating, and trying to catch up on the sleep that i lost from all three. forgive me. [hi, michael].

my new digs.

i really lucked out here. i live within a ten minute walk from work, i pay next to nothing for what i get [a furnished room, 300 channels, unlimited wifi, in suite laundry, a gym, pool, basketball, squash and tennis courts etc, and an amazing and considerate roommate]. i've been here for just over two weeks now and can honestly say that it feels like home to me. it feels like homeeeeeeeee to me. [great. now i have that song in my head].


i love managing such an amazing group of young people. i'm enjoying the challenge that comes with learning something new, and the 'break' i get when i get to serve tables [something i am naturally good at]. most guests, i find, are delightful, while some, not so much.

like the lady i served last night just before we closed.

"can i have a 7up?" [i bring her a 7up]. five minutes later, "can i change this to a pepsi?" as she hands me her glass. i take five steps toward the pop machine and she yells, 'no, an iced tea". i walk back to her to clarify. she tells me an iced tea with no ice. i proceed to get it for her. she calls me back and tells me rudely that she would like ONE iced cube in her drink. i gave her two. [accidently that is] ;)

of course, there are humourous guests also. [you'll get what i mean by humourous in a minute].

my conversation with a guest the other day went something like this:

me: are you ready for a great dinner?
her: "i have had gas all night and all day today, but i'm still here!" [you think i'm kidding].
[please note: i then later recommended the 'chocolate explosion" to her for dessert. [you better believe i did].

love my job.

dating life.

believe it or not, this area of my life has been more interesting than the above.

the guy i was seeing vanished a few days after he helped me move. now before you feel bad for me, i am more than okay with this as i, in all honestly, was only physically attracted to him. [i felt like the wolf in little red riding hood: "my, what big muscles you have"]. it was easy to protect my heart in such a relationship since he was moving to the states in a few months any ways.

since then, i have had quite the selection of 'men' come my way.

a few stated how i was the 'one for them' in their very first email to me. [does that really work on some women?]. one sent me a picture of his torso and got angry with me when he found out i had a male roommate [possessive much?]. so i did what any women would do. i sent him a picture of my roommate's chest instead of mine [which he requested]. just kidding. about the roommate's chest that is.

but. i have met a few great guys who i remain friends with, and a few who i am still 'getting to know'. stay tuned.


for those of you who think i have a big mouth, think again. my last wisdom tooth came in and broke the tooth in front of it in order to make room. just recently the root has been exposed, causing me a great deal of pain. i have taken way too much advil and T3's for my liking, and pretty much downed a whole tube of orajel in the past two days. i've called dentist after dentist asking about payment plans as it cost $400 to get it pulled but all want the cash up front so i'm stuck with this is pain in the ... mouth [you thought i was going to say something else, didn't you?] for another week or so. other than that, i am amazing; eating well and taking advantage of the gym downstairs [which, by the way, is located through the door that is conveniently placed behind the hot security guard in my building].

life is good.