Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christians, this one's for you.

one, not everyone understands the clich├ęs that you use. telling someone that your 'church is on fire' may cause someone to call 911.

two, be careful what you say and the motive in which you say it with. words like "i'm praying for you", or my personal favourite [please sense the sarcasm], "loneliness is God's cry for intimacy" can be viewed as a copout. there are far too many 'one another' verses in the bible for me to believe that God wants us to do life alone. pray, yes, but be a friend and reach out in a practical way, too.

and lastly, people need to know what you stand for, not what you're against. i'm tired of reading about Christians grabbing signs and picketing against issues that they haven't even spent time researching. we all have our own views on homosexuality, abortion, and the like [sadly, two issues that Christians are known for fighting against], but chill the heck out and rethink your methods. [said in love and with a lot of passion of course]. more than what you're 'against', people should be able to tell you apart because of what you stand for: love, grace, and peace, to name a few. [things that i have a hard time displaying at times, too].

that's all she wrote ... for now.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1) crack is bad.

i get it, mayor ford smoked [smokes?] crack and crack is bad, but i can't af'ford' to waste any more precious time on this, in my opinion, overly drawn out mayor publicity.

2} perspective.

i get that it's cold. i can see my breath every morning on my way to work, and i 'almost died' without the mittens i bought this week, but so far [and i don't say this lightly], thousands of people have died in the Philippines because of typhoon haiyan. sometimes we canadians need some perspective.

3) love is an action word, and 'small' acts of love can make a huge difference.

i sit here thinking about some of the thoughtful things people have done for me this past little while, and how loved they made me feel in doing so.

for dinner tonight, i enjoyed an amazing bowl of chili that my coworker brought me because she knows how much i love chili. last week, another friend dropped off my favourite starbucks' drink, followed by a thoughtful gift and a heartwarming letter. the previous week, another coworker ran over to the mall when he was done his shift and grabbed me a coffee to ensure that i stayed awake until i was done mine. and the list goes on.

my point? don't underestimate the power of kindness! the 'smallest' act of love has the ability to occupy the biggest part of our hearts.

so what are you waiting for? close my blog and go love somebody <3