Wednesday, January 19, 2011

doctors' offices always test my patience. [i figure there's enough 'patients' to go around there any ways bahahaha]. line-ups. screaming babies. sneezing. coughing. people who think that their sickness should be given priority over yours. and the list goes on. it's for these reasons that i avoid walk in clinics like the plague. unless i really need to see a doctor, like i did last week.

so here i am waiting outside in typical 'ottawa winter weather' for the doctor to finish what appears to be a five course lunch. my lips are cracking from the cold. my fingers are numb and i can hardly feel my toes. my "i need to see the doctor" list is getting longer and longer by the minute.

finally. the door unlocks. i walk in to find out that the very full doctor isn't taking anyone for 'another 45 minutes'. so i sit and wait. and thaw. and wait some more. i found myself starting to count patients just to pass time [much more entertaining than counting sheep]. it wouldn't take too long, i thought. after all, i was third in line.

billy. room one. twila. room two. [names have been changed to protect their identity].

this is it. the moment i have been waiting for.

i get ready to stand.



WHO THE HECK IS MICHELLE?! mi-chelle [said in the snobbiest way possible] was not here before me, in fact, she walked in about ten minutes after me. mi-chelle [i am getting mad just typing her name] was not - i repeat - not waiting out in the cold!!!!!!!

call it juvenile, but i felt so ... frustrated. mad. cheated.

i had two options here. i could have 1) stood up, screamed at the secretaries like i saw another lady do moments earlier, or, 2) remained seated, took a deep breath and told myself it's not the end of the world. because, well, it wasn't.

thankfully, i chose the latter.

moments before my name was finally called, a lady turned to me and said, 'excuse me, do you work at second cup?'. not recognizing her, i said, "why do you ask? do you come in often or do i wreak like coffee?". [turns out she had come in twice before and i smelled just fine - phew].

we chatted and we laughed. and i walked away grateful that i didn't make a fool out of myself moments earlier.

you see, i try and make a difference at work. i try to be kind. patient. and positive. bottom line is, though i fail at times, i want my life to model the life of Christ.

truth be told, as i was reminded of as i left the doctors' office that day, who you are behind the counter, pulpit, desk, whatever, needs to line up with who you are 'when no one is watching' ...

or at least when you think no one is.


  1. YES! My cousins fave quote is
    "A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person."
    likely because she was in the service industry for a long time, but i believe it. I want patience and understanding when I am serving others, but I catch myself expecting efficiency and "immediate gratification" when I am the one being served. ugh!
    Good call out, P. LOVE YOU!

  2. great addition, rae.
    love you right back!

  3. Again Love it. I love your raw experiences and the fact that you are willing to let it all hang out. NO ONE relates to perfect people. The point of living is not to be perfect. It's to learn from every moment we encounter. Lots of love. Your friend.

  4. Loving it.......keep up the great work. Maybe one day someone powerful will see them and put it in a book or something and make you famous. haha. Excellent!!! Your good at many things my friend!!!!