Thursday, April 12, 2012

gratitude, grief, my future, and my favourite blue bird.

1) i can't tell you how thankful i am for the people in my life.

to my family: you keep me grounded, and laughing. thank you for journeying with me through life's ups and downs. i know i can count on you.

to my friends: you make life enjoyable and bearable. thank you for all of your encouragement and support. my life is rich because of you.

one voice one team: i'm honored to work with such a diverse and energetic group of individuals. thank you for all you do to teach and challenge me, even when done unintentionally. i am a better person because of you.

to all of those who have invested in my life previously: i am eternally grateful for your investment and think of you often.

2) i miss my dad.

my birthday/easter was bittersweet. i loved having all of my family pile into my sister and i's two bedroom apartment for the weekend, but i couldn't help but acknowledge the hole i felt the entire time.

people warned me about the random moments of grief, but it doesn't make them any easier. the simplest thing reminds me of my dad and causes the tears to flow: a rascal flatts song, a box of kleenex, a birthday card signed "love mom"; anything. for someone who has worked as hard as i have to control her emotions, the unpredictability of it all makes this process all the more frustrating.

i haven't forgotten you, dad. miss you more and more each day!

3) despite setbacks, you gotta keep going.

i must say, i get AMPED UP just thinking about my future.

i'm honored [and excited] to be:

- speaking at the student movement in whitby next thursday night.
- partnering with a local youth/young adults group called defined by christ and introducing them to one of my biggest passions: the poor.
- sitting on a panel for a tattered tiaras' girls' event at a high school in bowmanville at the beginning of may.
- speaking at a 'defined by christ' event a few days after that.
- helping organize teams of people to serve at st. francis table this summer [get at me for deets!]
- speaking at lakeshore camp on sunday, july 8th.
- taking a team of youth from three different high schools to honduras in august.

...and the list goes on.

i'm so thankful for every opportunity that comes my way, and equally thankful that i didn't throw in the towel during those times where i saw no other option but to quit.

perservance pays off!

4) and last but not least ... GO JAYS GO!

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