Friday, February 15, 2013

you can learn a lot from TV.

take undercover boss for example. below are four lessons i 'learned' from the last episode alone.

1) as stated in my last blog, appreciation goes a long, long way.

2) everyone has a story. get to know those you lead.

3) don't ever be 'too important' or 'too successful' to serve, or 'too good' to clean toliets.

4) and lastly, oversharing gets you everything you need.

i'm partially kidding here. but really, i can't help but laugh at some of the things people tell the one they're training after knowing them for all of an hour. it's like they know that the trainee isn't who they claim to be.

undercover boss: "what do you like to do in your spare time?"
employer: "i don't have spare time. my brother is sick and i have to take care of him" ... "i would love to go on [an all expense paid] trip to italy" ... "i've always wanted to own a BMW so i can cruise around in my spare time" etc. [those of you who have seen the show know what i'm talking about].

from now on, i'm oversharing. next time someone comes into work with a camera crew and claims to be on some reality show competition, i'm going to introduce myself as "paula - the one who pays $650 in rent each month, an $80 phone bill, and would die to throw the first pitch at a jays' game".

overshare for the win.

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