Thursday, April 4, 2013

online dating update.

i'm considering changing what i've written in my profile to 'online dating tips for men'. [i'm sure there are some equally uneducated women out there, but they don't affect me]. based on experience, i would include the following tips at the very least:

1. don't use your prison photo as your profile picture. this is highly unattractive and scary.
2. you don't stand a chance with a name like 'mmmmmm' or 'hottemptation'. [tempted to delete you, maybe].
3. opening your initial conversation with things like 'hey baby - you're the one for me' or 'i want to marry you' have the words 'green card' written all over them.
4. sending me a picture of your chest will not inspire me to send you one of mine. [true story].
5. writing in caps makes me think you're yelling at me, and you're not allowed to be louder than me.
6. if you use the wrong your/you're, you're outta here.

needless to say, there hasn't been much progress since my last blog, but i still refuse to settle.

my battle with depression.

"each time i find myself flat on my face, i pick myself up and get back in the race ... that's life!" [frank sinatra]

some months are better than others, but this one knocked me off of my feet unexpectedly. i haven't felt that low/dark/isolated/hopeless in a while, but thankfully i'm on the mend and almost back to being me [even though 'this' is a part of me, too], and for those of you reading this who struggle with depression, you will be, too. keep fighting.

the blue jays.

i cannot express how happy my heart is to have my boys back. nor can i express how blessed i am to have a roommate who can get me half price tickets any time i want. i almost died when he told me that recently. [good thing i didn't though; half price tickets only benefit me when i'm alive].

until next time, friends.


  1. TIPS FOR ONLINE DATING MEN - AMAZING! Still so funny... Laughed so hard I may have pee'd a little hahahahah

    DEPRESSION - Unbelievable really because your so happy all the time. Keep smiling darling, it looks good on you!

    BLUE JAYS - Let's goooooooo girlllllll soooo excited.... PAULAAAAAAAA

    P.S - Who Am I?