Saturday, October 18, 2014

the drummer in me is embarrassed to say this, but i feel like i have two left feet on thursday nights as i try and keep up with my zumba class. sure, i rock at some of the dances, especially those of the hip-hop nature [i have more soul than both of your shoes], but the salsa type dances? apparently the ladies who are dancing circles around me have hips that don't lie [shout out to team shakira], but unfortunately mine do, in fact, they barely co-operate. like someone get this girl a hoola hoop.

even still, zumba class has very quickly become one of the highlights of my week, and here's why.

1) no matter how many dance moves we have, or in my case, don't have, we're all on the same page.

i was talking to some of the ladies before class this week and we were all sharing our weaknesses. for some, it was the amount of rice that was accessible at home after class, or the 12a.m. cravings, and for others, it's pumpkin spice lattes, which will very soon turn into egg nog tazo chais, or cheggnogs as some of you know them by [speaking on behalf of a 'friend' here]. regardless of what we struggle with specifically, we all struggle; getting [and remaining] healthy is no easy task, and surrounding ourselves with people who are on the same page is almost as important as putting the work in ourselves.

2) you can't get anywhere if you spend all [or any] of your time comparing yourself to another.

it would be easy, and even natural, to stand at the back of class and compare myself to the other ladies' body types, but what good what that do? i'm still the size that i am, i'm still paula, - you're still you - and as i mentioned on facebook the other day, nothing good ever comes out of comparing yourself to another; there will always be someone thinner, smarter, stronger, richer, and more beautiful than you. so be YOU; be your YOUnique self.

3) and lastly, music is powerful, and the music they play in zumba class makes me happy.

i'm not going to belabour this point, but i don't think we realize the effect that the music we listen to has on us. of course, the same can be said about what we watch on TV, the books we read, and dare i say, the friends and family we choose to listen to, but whatever the means, i'm a firm believer that what goes in [your mind and your heart], will come out [of your mouth and actions].

so ... here's to zumba [raises 'my friend's' pumpkin spice latte].

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