Monday, May 16, 2011

the rain reflects how i feel today.

i love ottawa as a city; i love the parliament buildings and the canal, and my favourite view on the bridge near the mall that overlooks both, but these aren't the things i'm going to think of when i look back on this leg of the journey. i'm going to think of the people i got to spend it with. people like my siblings and my adorable nephews. people like those i met at oasis youth ministry, and second cup; people i reconnected with while i was here.

i look at my stuff sitting across from me, and though i am incredibly grateful that all of my belongings fit into it one - yes one - hockey bag [i live like this purposely], i secretly wish i had a bag big enough to bring all my loved ones with me.

so to my friends and family here, i love you and am grateful for all the memories you helped me build in the last eight months. i won't forget you. thank you for being part of my adventure; my journey; my life!

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