Wednesday, May 18, 2011

yesterday proved to be exactly what i needed; i was able to grieve the loss i felt from leaving ottawa and then focus all of that energy on being excited for the journey that lays ahead for me in toronto.

so here i am, five hours away from boarding my train, and six hours away from making my way to my new room, and 'home'.

it fascinates me to think that just two months a go i left second cup to pursue my dreams of working with youth and here i am a day away from starting a job that not only allows me to work with youth, but with those on the margins of society as well. one job, but two of my greatest passions. [speaking of passions, let it be said that even though i won't have much time to catch any games, i am in fact, within walking distance of the rogers center]. =)

so here i go again, pumped and ready to educate youth about issues such as homelessness and sex trafficking ... ready to walk them through some eye opening experiences as they serve at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, refugee camps and the like ... ready to help them process all they're seeing/feeling/doing ... and ready to see their lives impacted so deeply that they return home to the cities they came from and put what they learned into practice.

so here i go, friends. my next adventure awaits, and i plan on giving it my all ... in true paula style of course ;)

for those of who want to write to me, i've included my address below [for the rest of you, i will be checking and updating facebook, twitter [@apaulagetic] and this blog as much as i can]. thanks for journeying with me!

paula castrucci
c/o josh and holly mcClement
715-72 gamble ave
toronto, on
M4K 2H1

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