Sunday, September 4, 2011

it's funny how my last post was about how it's 'not about me' and i sit here two months later wrestling with the very same statement. 

with several heart attacks and surgeries under his belt, severe diabetes and an inability to walk, my dad has needed 24 hour care for as long as i can remember. in addition to this, as most of you know, he suffered a stroke this week.  my mom, who is his primary caregiver, is recovering from the triple bypass she had a month a go; the leg they took the vein out of seems to get worse by the day, so she's in no shape to take care of my dad.

so that leaves me, their unemployed [though i prefer to say 'in between jobs'] daughter, to take care of them for a short while [hopefully a very short while] ;)

i've been here a day so far and i'm already dying of boredom. don't get me wrong, i don't mind cooking, doing dishes, laundry, grocery shopping or even cleaning up the occasional 'accident', but it's the 'in between' times that make me go borderline insane ;) 

times where we're sitting in their 400 square foot apartment watching the country music channel;  times where my parents sleep, or bicker, or times where i need to get out of the apartment but have a lack of things to do in this small town, and limited friends to do them with. 

but love takes sacrifice, doesn't it?  and surely, my parents have sacrificed more than enough for the one writing this blog. 

so here we are. day one almost complete.  thankfully, my dad seems fine and 'with it' today, and my mom, despite her horrible leg infection, is doing well also.

here's to a speedy recovery,



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  2. Paula, you are such a mighty woman of God !! I have told many people of the fantastic influence you have been on my daughters. When I tell them about you, who you are what you do for God and his people. I tell them you are modern hero for the youth of this generation. I tell them that my daughters have made a connection with the most selfless woman of God who is a nomad for Jesus. You don't have a job position on earth ( right now) but you obediently go where and when God has called you.
    Many God continually bless you for ALL that ( including the occasional accident clean up) that you do.
    Keep up the great work!! and the fun singing !!