Saturday, December 31, 2011

with the exception of the past few days, 2011 was so good to me.

i rang in the new year with a friend of mine who i couldn't be prouder of. a few weeks later, i dropped her off at the airport to watch her soar [literally, yes, but also figuratively].

right off the get go, i saw firsthand how the smallest gesture can make such a huge difference thanks to 'just a CUPel of words'.

in may, i packed all i had into a hockey bag, moved into the attic of some random church downtown toronto and spent my summer bringing awareness to issues such as homelessness, prostitution, and human trafficking. it was here where i had the opportunity to meet some of the greatest youth and leaders in north america, and here where i was connected to one of my favourite places in the whole world: st. francis' table, where i have the honour of serving at on a regular basis to this day.

from there i put my professionalism aside and counselled two consecutive youth camps, saw God miraculously restore a much needed friendship, did youth ministry at a single mom's camp, landed my dream job, and saw a word that was spoken over me years a go come to pass as i flew to kansas speak at a youth retreat.

so here i sit, a few hours away from millions of party favours being blown, lips being kissed [not mine of course], and everyone and their mother yelling "happy new year", and despite the fact that my dad passed away a few days a go [blog to come], i can't help but chalk 2011 up as by far the best year of my life.

2011, i love you. 2012, bring it!I

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