Thursday, October 4, 2012

a few things.

1) my family and friends are of utmost importance to me, and i like to think that i spend all of my energy showing them that.

2) i hate masks. i wear my emotions on my sleeve and i think everyone an extent.

3) silent gratitude is of no use to anyone. nor are the speeches that are spoken at funerals. in other words, those people you love...tell them how much they mean to you today. you may never get another chance to.

4) you can do anything you want to do. don't listen to the critics. they don't see all of your potential, and if they did, they would try and snuff it from you. words have power. use yours wisely.

5) i fail to celebrate how far i've come sometimes. instead, i spend most of my time beating myself up over the flaws i still have. today, however, i choose to think about how far i've come. you do the same.

and last and certainly not least, jesus is everything - and i mean everything. people come and go. jobs aren't permanent. money sucks. having none sucks more. and things don't last forever. but jesus? he never changes. he's solid. constant. sure.

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