Saturday, October 20, 2012

today, i'm thankful for a God who stands by His promise to take care of me, and for all of the people in my life who remind me of this very fact each and every day.

i haven't had a paycheque since august 10th, but 'somehow' i haven't gone without.

i had three coffee dates yesterday, and managed to only spend $1.35. my caffeine intake was taken care of by some of my most generous friends. thank you, cliff, sandy, and lisa for giving me the most precious gift: your time.

then i get a text from my sister saying that she doesn't have any work for me to do, but she wants to buy me any groceries i need. so i sent her a list: chocolate soy milk and bananas for my shake, and mini wheats 'or any healthier cereal that's on sale'. i get home not only to find these three things, but a costco sized box of my favourite - and very necessary - mints =) [let it be known that i am also very grateful to have a roof over my head and a comfy bed to rest mine]. thank you, robin.

i desperately needed some medicine this week [plan to blog on that later] and my family took care of it without hesitation. thank you, robin and mom.

then i got an email from a friend i haven't seen in years stating that she wants to email me some money on monday, which will prevent my phone from getting cut off ... to the day. thank you, maria.

and let's not forget monday when my good friend decided to take me out to buy me some make-up and hair dye so i could feel good about myself, and then proceeded to tell me that she put some money aside to take me clothes shopping, too. thank you, vanessa.

i'm thankful for a bff who constantly feeds me the most kick ass meals, listens to me, and speaks truth into my life when i can't find it myself. thank you, sarah.

and a friend who i haven't seen since high school, who took me out for lunch this week and is paying me to help her run a kids/jr. high program tonight at a local salvation army church. thank you, emily.

and, and ... the list goes on.

how could i not be thankful? i am well taken care of!

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