Sunday, June 22, 2014

as humans, we use our car horns to get someone's attention, show someone how annoyed we are at them in traffic, or as of late, celebrate a world cup win. [unless you're an england or spain fan that is - oh burnnnnnn]. geese, however, honk to encourage one another to keep going.

luckily, our words have the power to do the same.

my roommate and his family have been facing an unfathomable situation as of late, and i sit here feeling heavy hearted and helpless. i felt led to write him a note of encouragement this morning before i left for church, so i grabbed a post-it note and did just that. when i got home, i noticed that not only did he keep the note i wrote, but he placed it somewhere where he can read it over and over. a timely word can give us hope, and the courage to keep going.

i started an extremely challenging job this week, and felt overcome by feelings of inadequacy as i attempted to remember everything i need to know about the company i work for and the role i've been given. i felt so overwhelmed, in fact, that i found myself tearing up throughout one of my shifts.

a day later, one of the girls from the office came up to me in the bathroom [awkward], and told me how smart i was, and how well i am doing. i may have walked into that bathroom feeling discouraged, but i walked out feeling like i was - hear this - smart and capable. words have the power to uplift, and make you feel like you can conquer the world.

call me crazy, but i think these geese are on to something; let's follow suit and get honkin'.

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