Wednesday, December 9, 2015

sorry, forrest, i love chocolate and all, but to me, life is more like ... a good game of snakes and ladders.

you see, you gotta take life one square at a time. sometimes, the dice work in your favour, and sometimes, they don't. either way, you gotta keep going, and keep moving on up.

there are days when you'll land on a snake, and end up back at square one. [no pun intended]. a breakup. demotion. reoccurring sickness. you name it. all you know is that you were ahead, and now you're behind.

of course there are days where your life meets a ladder, too. an engagement. promotion. inheritance. whatever. you have no idea how you gained so much ground, but you're happy you did.

but either way, life happens one step - or one roll - at a time.

most of you have been following my family and i's journey with cancer.

this morning, my mom went into her long awaited appointment to look into getting a permanent drain put in, and walked out having to temporarily admit herself into the hospital due to her lungs needing to be tapped. my sister's phone died, but last i heard, they drained two litres of fluid from her lungs and were proceeding with her all too familiar abdomen draining procedure next. i don't know much at this point, none of us do, but one thing i do know is this: even the most seemingly long and confusing snakes can't stop us from playing the game. pass the dice, please.

update: they drained my mom's abdomen and set her up to be drained three times a week through homecare. she's at home resting now, and will continue to do so until we get her multiple xray and test results back.

ps. please don't mistake my generally positive attitude as a sign of denial; i am fully aware of what is at stake here and have experienced many weak and heart wrenching moments along the way, too.


  1. Hello,

    I doubt that you remember me. We only met once and you shared your blog with me that I bookmarked. Once every six months or so, I'd take a peek to see how things are with your mom.

    I'm sorry to hear that she isn't doing too well. Remember to give her lots of hugs. Cherish the good moments. Make lots of memories.

  2. Who is this? I bet I would remember you.