Wednesday, March 16, 2016

about a year a go, my friend from the states posted some pretty sweet kicks on facebook, and i 'liked' them. next thing you know, thanks to her kindness, i get a package in the mail and all of a sudden, i had a pair of my own.

true story.

ever since then, i've had this really unnatural desire to run. it's as if these shoes had super power, or something.

ashamedly, even though i thought about going for a run many times since, my very new [and free] shoes did nothing but decorate my closet.

until monday, that is.

i don't know what it was about monday, really. maybe it's because i'm getting sick of looking at my disgusting stomach in the mirror every morning, or maybe, just maybe, it's because i need an outlet for all of this anger i feel ever since my mom passed away, but i laced those babies up and took them to the streets.

my already huge block seemed even bigger, and i huffed and i puffed enough to bring the first little pig's house down [and maybe even the second], but i felt like a champ after i got past the all consuming pukey feeling. and i felt like a champ this morning, too, when i faced the wind and rain and did it all over again.

funny how our fears can stop us from doing something we know to be beneficial.

kind of like how i feel when it comes to my mom's celebration of life this weekend. i feel paralyzed at the thought of showing up, but i have to.

sigh. maybe i'll wear my 'new' shoes.

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