Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my journey without my dad: day five.

most of you wouldn't be able to tell this by looking at me, but i'm missing a tooth. that's right - me - the one with the radiant smile.

you see, the dentist i had growing up told me that i had more than enough room in my mouth for my wisdom teeth to come in without problem [people always did tell me that i had a big mouth], but he was wrong. years later, my bottom left wisdom tooth came in and cracked the tooth in front of it, causing me a great deal of pain and forcing me to get it pulled.

minus the huge needle, i loved the feeling of getting my mouth frozen. i wasn't, however, a fan of the feeling i got when the freezing started to thaw; not only did i start to feel some pain, but i realized a part of me was missing.

this is exactly how i'm feeling today in regards to losing my dad. the numbness is starting to ware, causing me to face - and learn how to deal with - the pain and loss that i feel as a result. and frankly i suck at it.


  1. wow. you are so eloquent and honest. as always. i know this only paints a picture of what you are feeling right now and even people that have gone through it can't truly understand how YOU are individually experiencing it, but i am feeling for you and praying a lot.
    you are an inspiration to me. and your life must have made your dad very proud. i never had the honor of meeting him, but in knowing you i can only imagine the love and sacrifice he invested in his children.

  2. My heart is with you my friend. It's okay to be lost :) especially because God is with you through it.