Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1) words have power. don't wait until a funeral to say what you wanted to say. say it today. encourage someone. honor each other. love one another.

2) there are always things you can do during a season of 'waiting'. for me, i write letters. i wrote eleven yesterday [not including the emails i sent out] and have a list of people to write to before my head hits the pillow tonight. we all have something to give, and people around us who need what we have to offer.

3) there are two 'types' of people in this world, if you will: life-suckers, and life-givers. be a life-giver, and surround yourself with them.

4) christmas isn't about presents and january doesn't have to be about debt. first of all, let it be said that i am in no way shape or form against presents. i think gifts are a great way to show the people in your life that you love them. but they're not the only way. so if you're like me and you're low on cash, don't feel bad. just be creative and 'present'. love doesn't have a pricetag. [and that goes for those of you who do have money also].

5) read number one again and go do it =)

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