Saturday, December 8, 2012

yesterday was the perfect day.

i woke up at my BFF's house and had the chance to hug her and her precious kids before they started their day. from there, i met a friend at starbucks and we talked, and laughed. a lot.

i finished my fifth book in five weeks.

three of the most solid men in my life [and the cutest kid] dropped by to catch up.

my sister picked me up, we went grocery shopping, and my favourite yogourt was on sale [it's the small things in life that matter] =)

i opened up my email only to find an e-transfer from a friend out west who wanted to encourage me to keep on loving. i felt [and feel] so blessed by her investment in my life and by a God who continually reminds me that he has my back in this season of waiting.

i get home to my first christmas card from a friend who wanted to remind me that she is thinking of me on the first christmas without my dad.

then i get a text from my BFF that put a smile on my face and filled my heart with gratitude.

with that, i went to bed with the hugest smile on my face, thanking God for a great day and knowing i had something to look forward to when i woke up today.

i live a rich life.

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