Wednesday, April 23, 2014

someone i know tried to take their life recently, which served as a huge wake up call and reminder to me of how many people suffer from depression/despair, how many people walk through it alone, and why i should write this blog.

as most of you would know from reading previous posts, depression is something that i battle myself. i've seen some inexplicably dark times over the past 21 years, admittedly, as recent as this past easter weekend, and if i'm being honest, even a little bit today.

that being said, i know that there isn't a formula to getting better, but i've included a few things below that help me get through the rough patches, in hopes that they will help those of you who 'get it' through yours, too.

1) get up and get out

i know how much energy it requires to get out of bed some days, let alone the energy it can take to even think about such a daunting task, but hear it from one who has stayed in bed one too many days in her life, getting out of bed is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, and health, period.

so get up. go for a walk. jump on the treadmill. watch a funny show. cook your favourite meal, or better yet, cook mine for me [chili, in case you are wondering]. but seriously, whatever you do, just get up, and get out.

2) celebrate the good.

no matter how dark your life may seem at the time, there are always things to celebrate; like sports victories, good weather, or in a literal sense, your nephew's 10th birthday [love you, matthew]. whatever your 'good' is, find it, and celebrate it.

3) treat yo self [before you wreck yo self].

yesterday, i treated myself to two of my favourite things [at two different times of day, of course]: booster juice and sushi. and today? today i think i'll treat myself to a pedicure, and maybe, just maybe, a blue jays' game or a movie. after all, i deserve a treat once in a while. and so do you. so treat yourself.

now if you'll excuse me, i must eat my own words and 'get my feet did', so i don't sit here feeling de-'feet'-ed.

until next time, friends.

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