Thursday, April 17, 2014

wyerton willie is often the bearer of bad news. we see sun one day and pull out our flip flops the next, only to find out that a groundhog - a stinkin groundhog! - is calling for more snow. 'it's april 15th!. are you out of your mind?', we think. i can't deal with this wind. my back hurts from shoveling. it's too dark. i'm cold!

we have time frames in place for the four seasons. winter should end by march at the latest. spring, june. summer, september. and so forth.

and such can be said about the seasons we face in life, too. relationships should last longer. we've been unemployed too long. sick too much. stuck. poor. depressed.

but i'm here to bring you good news! no matter how long winter lasts, spring is guaranteed. no matter how long you've been unemployed or depressed [a blog on the latter coming soon], the sun is due to come out!

so ... don't give up. keep going. press on.

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