Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1) having a hard time loving a co-worker or your in-laws? try a different approach. things not going according to plan? do the same. find yourself working on a character flaw day in and day out with seemingly zero progress? tackle it from a new angle. sometimes trying 'harder' doesn't work, but trying 'different' may.

2) i used to get so bent out of shape when a co-worker wasn't pulling their weight or when someone, anyone, was doing something that ticked me off, but i realized something as of late: you are responsible for you, and i am responsible for me. [life seems less stressful when we spend less time pointing fingers and more time looking in the mirror].

3) complaining is unattractive and life-sucking, but an 'attitude of gratitude' is life-giving.

i find myself thanking God throughout the day more and more these days. sometimes, it's for the 'small' things, like having toilet paper and toothpaste, or for having enough change to buy myself a coffee. other times, i thank Him for being present, for never leaving me, and for mending my friends' broken hearts when i can't seem to take their pain away like i so desperately want to.

4) and lastly, if you haven't listened to the song '10,000 reasons' by matt redman, you should.

"you're rich in love, and you're slow to anger, your name is great, and your heart is kind. for all your goodness i will keep on singing, ten thousand reasons for my heart to find. bless the Lord, O my soul'. amen.

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