Sunday, June 7, 2015

death has a weird way of making one think about life.

i sat in the sixth row for rick robson's funeral yesterday, but felt as though i had front row seats to his life. anyone who has ever walked into his home, office, or life did, really. he was just that kind of man.

the kind of man who let you in. the kind of man who you felt comfortable enough to let in.

he was kind, and generous. wise, and honest. integral, and full of joy.

a faithful husband. a loving father. a mentor. a friend.

i miss him. i missed him the day i found out he passed away, and i miss him today. i always will. all of us will.

but he lives on in our hearts, and in our lives. because although he passed away, his impact continues, and his legacy lives on.

what kind of legacy will i leave, i wonder? what will people say about me when i die? what will people say about you?

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