Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1) you are more resilient than you think you are. those very things that set out to destroy you in life only make you stronger, or, at the very least, more understanding and compassionate towards those who are enduring the same thing, or will be at a later date.

2) there are over seven billion people in this world; don't let one person ruin your day. [easier said that done, i know, but we spend way too much time and energy thinking about 'people who don't matter'].

3) by the same token, everyone matters. this doesn't excuse certain behaviour or mean that you should put up with abuse of any kind, but i've come to learn that 'hurt people hurt people'; there's always a reason behind somebody's actions, habits, and responses. everyone has a story.

4) we spend so much time dreaming about what life will look like when 'we're done' high school, and then college, and after that we start thinking about what life will look like when we're married, and have kids, and/or find a career, and then when we have these things [if we do], we spend time counting down the days until retirement instead of embracing where we are now, when in actuality we should be treasuring the 'now' because we won't get our 'now' back later.

5) embrace the fact that sometimes, you just have to throw grammar out the window and write really long sentences like the one above.

6) put your phones down once in a while. the world will go on if you can't reply to a text right away or refresh your facebook feed every ten seconds.

7) laugh more. get around funny people. turn on a funny show. pick up a comic, whatever. just laugh more, and laugh loudly.

8) travel. the world is full of beauty, culture, people, and different perspective than what you will find in your comfortable bubble.

9) give. find a cause that's dear to your heart and donate some money. look for a friend in need of help and give them some of your time.

10) forgive. bitterness does nothing to the person who's hurt you, but it'll eat you alive.

11) if you still have breath in your lungs, you still have purpose, and it's never too late to chase your dreams.

12) let the people in your life know that you love and appreciate them, and how they enrich your life.

13) music is more powerful than you think. sing more, and dance more.

14) nothing is ever as bad as it seems or as bad as we let ourselves think it is.

15) don't be afraid to be alone; a healthy dose of loneliness can be good for you.

16) try new things. challenge is good, and adventure, better.

17) make-up is meant to enhance, not define. spend some time on your outward appearance, sure, but spend even more time on building your character, because, well, who you are lasts, and what you look like now will not.

18) naps are a beautiful thing. [plus, they give you a chance to an extra 'sit-up' a day].

19) never let success get to your head. never let failure get to your heart.

20) people will fail you, and although we may not understand why certain things happen to us or our loved ones, God will not. live accordingly.

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