Monday, July 16, 2012

a look behind.

it's been a siiiiiick month, if i do say so myself. some highlights:

though i started my 'journey to good health' more than four weeks a go, i'm down 27lbs so far and am sitting under 200 for the first time in my life.

we wrapped up our school programs this year and heard firsthand how our program and leadership had impacted students all across the GTA and hamilton.

i saw God work in people's hearts through a message he laid on my heart for a local young adults group, and a camp, both of which hold a special place in my heart.

aaaand i spent canada day weekend catching up with my friends and family in the nations capital, which made my heart full on a whole other level.

a look at now.

despite all of the victories i just mentioned, i'm having a hard time these days. i feel angry, disappointed, frustrated, miserable, and out of sorts, really. i am, however, determined to make it through and come out on top. and so i press on.

a look ahead.

my work couldn't afford to pay me this week, so i am on, what i like to call, a 'stay-cation'. i'm about to head to second cup to work on a teaching for tonight's honduras meeting before heading to toronto to meet with these world changing students who will be accompanying me next month. i cannot tell you how pumped i am to be a part of such a great team, and process. [dreams come true].

the remainder of the week will be spent helping my friend move, and paint her new place, and hopefully get some rest in there somewhere as my summer is about to kick off full force next week.

on sunday i will be heading north to muskoka woods for the week with twenty jr. high 'all stars' who graduated our S.W.O.L.E. leadership program this year.

the following week, i will be running my second week of camp here in brampton before heading to cobourg to coach youth camp a day later.

and after that, my team and i head to honduras. CRAZY. [for those of you who are itching to help out financially to ensure that these students get on the plane next month, holla at me for the deets].

until next time, friends. xo


  1. I don't know if you remember me, but I just wanted to let you know that your life encourages me! I enjoy reading your blog posts and your fb statuses! My dad is currently battling cancer & it's something I never thought I would have to deal with at this age..and it's something I don't really know HOW to deal with. I really wanted you to know that your posts encourage me & they make a difference! Thank you! xo

    1. britt. of course i remember you. i actually had coffee with your parents and lucy and joe last time i was in alliston. i have prayed for your dad and will continue to do so at the thought of him. life throws some wicked curve balls sometimes. keep going.