Sunday, July 22, 2012

things i find going through my head as i search through the profiles on the online dating site i joined last night [yeah - you read that right]:

"um hell no"

"HELLOOOOOOOO ________" [insert their name here]

"you may want to ditch the girl in your profile pic there, playa"

"dude - you're wearing a cheesy jesus shirt and you don't speak english" [true story, though my sister amanda thinks this is the perfect guy for me, because, and i quote, "you'll live a happy life if you don't have to listen to him"].

"65 years old? stop looking at my profile, you pervert"

then there's the guy who 'winked' at me. being curious, i checked out his profile. no pic. no short answers. no thanks. i'm looking for someone who can hold a conversation, not someone who can prove that their eyelids work.

amidst all of the weirdos, however, [and trust me there were many], i happened to find someone who i'm compatible with. sent him a cute email in true paula style, in fact.

stay tuned ... hopefully he hollas for paula ;)

1 comment:

  1. Paula you are awesome!! I just love your humour!!!

    O man I am so excited for that amazing guy who you are going to end up with. Who knows what the path is in order for him to find you. But I believe it will be one HOOT of a story, Paula style!!! Should be that way... hey... the first time Adam and I met... he held the door closed on my and giggled from inside the church while I gave him a snotty look and waited until he opened the door... LOL LOL. I thought he was a child and he thought I was a snot... LOL not always the way you think it will all start... but you know what the good stories are never in the perfect uneventful moments!!!

    Blessings to you as you keep your eye out for your prince in shining armour!!!!

    Lots of love