Saturday, July 28, 2012

i love a good thunderstorm. if i'm safe inside that is. in no ways am i a fan if i'm caught outside carrying an umbrella. or on a bus. or sitting just inside the window on a metal bed frame. or when the lightning is so close that you can read a book even if the power is out. and i'm definitely not a fan when i'm caught off guard.

kind of like the storm we had the other night. i felt myself playing musical chairs on my couch cushions every time the sky lit up. i just kept moving as far away from the window as i deemed necessary. i would have been hugging the end of the couch at the sight of the third bolt if my 21 year old nephew hadn't been sitting there laughing at his jumpy, petrified aunt. [i forgive you, andrew].

sure i was scared, and feared that the beautiful tree that usually prevents my neighbours from seeing me naked would slice in two and land on my roof, or worse, my head. if i'm honest with you, this very thought may have been responsible for keeping me awake most of the night as i sat there wondering if i would ever live to see the morning [dramatic, i know].

but the next morning i woke up and realized something. the storm had passed. the very thing that scared me and made me feel uncomfortable and unsure for hours was out of sight as if it never happened.

can't the same thing be said about the storms we face in life? sure, during them, we feel an array of emotion; we may feel uncertain, confused, scared, powerless, and hopeless, even. we lose sleep wondering if the storm will ever pass, the potential damage it can cost, and sometimes we even wonder if we will make it out alive. but then one day [sometimes even the next day] we wake up, and to our surprise, the sun is shining as if the storm had never passed through.

keep going, friends. this too shall pass.

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