Friday, June 17, 2016

i sat there
staring out the window pane
tears rolling down my cheek
my silence echoed the pain of great loss
and deep heartache.

and hers, compassion and empathy.
professional or personal, i may never know,
but it spoke none the less.
long enough to let me stay silent,
loud enough to make me feel safe.

"what's the point?", i finally blurted.
words that seem to roll off of my tongue without effort these days.
how much disappointment can one endure?
how much loss can one person take?
and better yet, how do i end this vicious cycle of darkness and pain?

the night before, i only had one answer to that question.
that morning, i only saw one way out.

but now, i see another.
now, i have enough hope to make it through another day.
all because of a counselor
who sat with me in silence,
asked the right questions,
helped me set goals,
gave me a high five,
told me i have it in me to make it through this,
looked me in my tear stained eyes and quoted one of my favourite movies, 'the help':

paula, "you is smart. you is kind. you is important"

and you, dear counselor, saved my life today.

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