Wednesday, June 29, 2016

as mentioned in my previous post, i recently joined [more like]. granted, i'm only a week in, but things aren't going so hot. that is, unless you think i should date 50+ year olds. i seem to be a hit with them. [yes, them, as in multiple 50 year olds]. they seem to really like me.

so did one cute younger guy, actually. lucky for me, though, by the third email he told me that all he is looking for in a woman is 'tits and ass' [pardon the terminology]. i get it; we're sexual beings. i like men's bodies, too, but bodies don't last. bodies gets wrinkly, and old. so do tits and ass.

one guy favourited me. not gonna lie, i was pretty flattered. that is, until i read his profile and saw something about a green card. maybe i'd consider it if i were 40, but i still have a few years to go until then, and a heck of a lot more to go until i'm 50. sorry, fellas.

i met - or shall i say, reconnected with, a guy in chapters over a month a go. we spent half an hour catching up, exchanged numbers, and some physical contact. [relax, people. it was a hug - okay, maybe two hugs; i don't kiss in bookstores]. we sent a few texts that day and then he disappeared until two days a go when he found me on instagram, liked a few pics, and has called me a few times since. not sure what any of this means, or why he disappeared for a month, but i'll take in stride.

i mean, what else can one do, really? i guess i could consider changing my mind about those 50 year olds, rethink the green card option, or buckle down and send an email to 'chippedteeth' [who ironically smiled with his mouth closed], 'jesusismybestfriend777', or 'bigdaddyfp", all of which i hope don't find my blog lol.

stay tuned for more updates.

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