Thursday, July 7, 2016

i told an older lady that i liked her hair this morning, and she looked at me with confusion in her eyes as if she was wearing a wig. that, or she thought it was weird that a stranger just complimented her.

can you blame her, though? it is kinda weird, but ... it shouldn't be.

ironically, a few minutes later, i felt my skin burning as another lady on the bus took it upon herself to look me up and down, followed by what appeared to be a very judgemental glare. [we all know that she's just jealous of my calves].

this got me thinking [as most things do].

ladies, we have it all backwards; let's make my first story the norm, and my last one the one that's uncommon and weird. let's start accepting our own bodies [something i am personally working on lately], and doing what we can to encourage one other and build each other up, instead of comparing ourselves to every other woman out there and judging each other ... even if that means telling an old lady that you dig her wig ;)

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