Saturday, August 4, 2012

i have to admit, i'm not the biggest fan of the olympics. don't get me wrong; i still find myself having to hold back tears every time i hear our national anthem or olympic theme song, i love the adrenaline rush that comes with watching canada compete for a podium spot, and i absolutely love hearing the stories of both triumph and pain behind every competitor, but sitting in front of the TV for hours wishing i was an athlete isn't as appealing as it once was to me.

what i do love, however, is seeing the athletes' family and friends swell up with pride as they watch their loved one compete. there's something special about having 'fans' around you; people who will be the first out to the track if you fall, and the first ones on their feet cheering you on when you win. i can't think of anything greater than knowing that you're believed in, and that someone, anyone, is proud of your accomplishments and who you've become in the process.

call it selfish, but i found myself longing for someone to tell me that they're proud of me today. oddly, i even prayed for this to happen. and here i am moments from calling it a night when i stumble across a letter a friend wrote me not too long a go.

can you take a wild guess as to what the last three words of the letter were?

you guessed it - 'proud of you'.

even the smallest prayers don't seem insignificant in times like these.

thanks, God.

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