Thursday, August 16, 2012

behind every great woman is a great family, and a great family i have. [wait - did i just call myself great?] ;) but seriously, my family is one of a kind.

mom, you have the biggest heart out of anyone i have ever met. you are constantly seeking out ways to help the five of us out, and wouldn't hesitate to give us the shirt off of your back if we needed it. [please keep your shirt on] ;) i love you and appreciate your example in my life!

robin, where do i start? for the last year, you have welcomed me under your roof and have provided me with such a loving and peaceful home to come home to. i appreciate your generous heart, but even more than that, i appreciate the person you are beyond that. i love you and am inspired by you!

adam, i love watching you interact with your boys! you are such a fantastic dad! on top of that, you're a hard worker and a fighter. i know this last year hasn't been easy [and that's an understatement], but your ability to persevere is admirable. keep going. i love you.

jeff, i'm so glad that mom and dad didn't take you back the day you came home from the hospital even though i, in my selfish one year old way, wanted that. HA. i love you, bro! you never cease to make me laugh and feel protected. never give up!

amanda, you are so beautiful, and kind. you're the first to drop anything and everything when anyone needs you, and the last to stick around when they do. i am honored to call you my sister! [i love you, too, al!]

dad, when i asked a friend of mine if losing her dad got 'easier' with time, she replied, "it actually gets harder; it's just one more day without him". i couldn't agree with her more. i think of you and miss you daily. wish you were still here! xo

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