Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i'm sitting at my local second cup with a perma smile on my face. no really, i can see my reflection on the computer screen as i write this. pretty sure people are staring at me. pretty sure they think i'm emailing a boy man.

but i'm not. i'm blogging [just incase you couldn't tell].

today is what i like to call a PAULAday; a day i try and set aside for me each week. some PAULAdays are spent at home doing absolutely nothing. others are spent catching up on sleep. or biking. you name it. but today? today i blog, and write letters, and fill out applications, and reminisce about the amazing week i just had serving at youth camp.

and today, i dream.

in four days i will be boarding my 53rd and 54th flights in 11 years as a few of my greatest friends and i are taking a team of world changing students with us to honduras. for a decade now, i have been dreaming about taking an unchurched team of students with me on a humanitarian type trip. to think that i'm a few days short from seeing this come to pass leaves me feeling speechless, encouraged, and incredibly honored.

beyond that, some stinkin awesome things are in store for my future, but i will keep those details to 'myself' until i feel confident that i can officially release them.

stay tuned.

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